Sealuxe Bath Salts
Sealuxe Bath Salts

Sealuxe Bath Salts

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Ocean Goddess Bath Tea

Filled with all the benefits of seaweeds and botanicals and blended with sea salts and essential oils this is a favorite bathing experience to soothe tired muscles and achy joints.

This bottle of Ocean Goddess is a lot like our bath tea but with less botanicals.

Each Ocean Goddess bath experience is a gift of self love. Sink into a tub of flowers and oceanic botanicals to cherish a moment tranquility and serenity. Every natural ingredient has been hand blended and included with a purpose; helping you to relieve tired muscles, rejuvenate your body and soften your stress.

Ritual Rose Bath Tea

A mixture of seaweed and salts infuse your bathing experience with a bounty of rich nutrients from ancient seas. As you soak, the salt water alleviates your tired muscles, sore joints and general achiness, while the comforting scent of roses cradles your soul. This elegant bathing experience will leave you feeling sot, relaxed and tranquil. This is a rose lovers dream bathing experience, a lot like our bath tea but with less botanicals.